[New Product] HD-PGDU3 Series

World’s fastest write speed.*
Ultra high-speed DRAM-enable hard drive combines the speedy
transfers of a solid-state drive with huge storage capacity
*Refers to single 2.5″ hard disk-equipped portable HDDs (as tested by BUFFALO, May 2014)

Tokyo Japan, 9th July 2014 – Buffalo Inc., a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of storage and wireless networking solutions, today announced the launch of the HD-PGDU3 series. BUFFALO’s new HD-PGDU3 portable hard drive features a whopping 1 GB DRAM cache. The HD-PGDU3 boasts the world’s fastest write speed*1, an incredible 400.7 MB/s.*2 The increased speed is achieved with the drive—the hardware—itself, enabling high-speed data transfers not only with Windows PC running speed-boosting software, but also on conventional Macs with no such utilities to enhance speed.*3 Combining a hard disk drive with a high-capacity DRAM cache achieves transfer speeds of a solid-state drive while providing tremendous storage space at a cost lower than that of an equivalent SSD. This is the perfect unit for those who are unsatisfied with the transfer speeds of previous portable HDD models. *1Refers to single 2.5″ hard disk-equipped portable HDDs (as tested by BUFFALO, May 2014) *2 (Measurement Environment) [PC] SONY SVJ202AJ/CPU: Intel Core i3 3217U 1.8 GHz/Memory: DDR3 8GB/OS: Windows 8.1/Internal HDD: HTS545050A7E380; [HDD] HD-PGD1.0U3B USB 3.0 portable hard drive with DRAM cache, conventional HD-PA256TU3S USB3.0 SSD, and conventional HD-PNF1.0U3-BB USB3.0 hard disk drive. (Measurement Method) The HD-PGD1.0U3B, HD-PA256TU3S and HD-PNF1.0U3-BB were connected to a PC equipped with a USB 3.0 port and the speed of sequential writes (data size: 1,000 MB) was measured using “Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3” (as tested by BUFFALO, May 2014). * Transfer speeds may vary widely depending on the number and size of files transferred, type of access, and other usage environment factors. * Transfer of up to 1 GB of data. For the latest information, please check the product page here.


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